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This is the graphics journal of elvenjaneite. Feel free to friend me if you like. I make graphics primarily because I enjoy doing it but I'm always open to requests. Just leave a comment at the right entry {see below}. As elvenjaneite I co-moderate art_stills with the fabulous skywriter86. Please join!

All graphics are by me. Please leave me a comment if you're going to take one as I like to know what people enjoy. Please do credit me as jellybeanie87 ("y", "ie", "87") in your user info. Textless icons are not bases unless I specifically say so OR you beg really hard and I know that you're not just using me for the bases--i.e. you've been around for awhile and friended me. DO NOT HOTLINK. This is evil. Really. And I will send bears that shoot lasers out of their eyes after you if you do it. Feel free to browse through the tags here. You may use these on forums or Xanga but link back if you do so.

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