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Request post

I've had a couple of different requests recently, so I thought it might be a good idea to start a requests post. If you have a request, this is the place to make it.

A few notes
~While I like new subjects, please be somewhat aware of the subjects I generally choose to make graphics out of. For instance, I don't tend to make graphics from TV shows because I don't really watch much TV. So fulfilling a request for graphics from a TV show would be difficult for me. EDIT: Unless it's House.
~I do not make graphics with nudity or swearing. Period. End of story.
~It may take me awhile to fill your request. Please be patient with me. I am a college student. I'm often quite busy with other things. If you absolutely feel like you have to nudge me about it, please do it politely. I respond nicely to politeness.

Current requests
Classic films
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Funny/ironic/thought-provking text ones

Filled requests
Miranda Otto--posted here, and here.
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